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Name a Star, Would You?

They say that the darkest of nights produce the brightest of stars. Take away all these unnecessary light pollutions and you will see a sky mantle of every glittering and shimmering star. How many poems and works of literature have been inspired due to the irrevocable beauty of night sky? It’s tons of after tons of beautiful worlds coined up because of the perfect night sky. Take for example, Van Gogh’s most celebrated and appreciated work of art – “Starry, Starry, Night”

But what if, what if you can name a star and take it like your own. What if you can actually make it legal? How would you feel if despite the billions or trillions or even the infinite vastness of the universe, you can name at least one star and treat it like yours? Of course, you will feel special. Of course you will be glad. And this might sound like wildest dream one can ever come across with but naming a star and making it official is probable.

If you are a star lover, an astrophile of any sort – a true believer of the beauty of the impalpable universe, this kind of service is for you. Excited yet? Well, understandably that you should be. If you know someone who is head over heels in love about the night sky, then do not hesitate, this is the best gift ever. Name a star after them and you’ll see them smile like the Polaris in the North.

Look for the best star registry in the country and have your documents settled. The package of star naming is not complicated and is accessible to anyone who dares to name a star after them or after a special someone they hold most dear. The most famous of people have done this before and look where it got them. Every time they look at a night sky, they point toward their favorite star with pride and say – “it’s named after me!”

All you have to do is stretch your arms, look above you and pick the best possible star. Submit your entry in a star registry and make it official by paying legal fees and other fees for the whole process and documentation of your star-naming wish. Take heed that you are not owning the star but only paying to name it after you. You can’t own one, but rest assured you will have a star that will be called after you. Be sure to check out this website at for more info about gifts.

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